Delegations / Expatriates

  • We are highly experienced in the field of delegations and working within an international network of tax advisers. Together we can assist you in tackling your next challenge.
  • An assignment means an employee works for an affiliated company abroad.
  • This involves a broad range of questions on tax and social insurance matters.
  • We advise you in full cooperation with our foreign partners.
  • Our aim is to minimize your bureaucratic workload, both in your home country and abroad.
  • You will be supported by a tax adviser who is your permanent contact for any questions you may have. Your tax adviser will provide you with integrated assistance covering all tax matters and social insurance issues.
  • We prepare your income tax declaration with due consideration to your particular situation abroad.
  • Many corporations have developed the policy of "Hypo Tax" or "Tax Equalization" in order to protect their expatriate employees from the financial impact of tax rates that differ from those in their home countries. The principle is that in order to make the change in country "tax neutral" for an expat, the company will deduct from the employee's salary the equivalent that the employee would have paid in his or her home country, and in turn pay all the taxes due in the foreign country.
  • We properly calculate your Hypo Tax, so that all applicable deductions permissible by your home country's legislation are taken into account.
  • According to our experience it is recommendable to discuss important aspects of your delegation before it starts. Please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.
  • On the accompanying pages you will find more information on special issues for expats.


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