Delegation / Expatriates - advice on tax, social insurance and assignment policy

  • A delegation to a foreign country is not only a professional challenge for your employees, but places them in a new social and cultural environment and creates a new situation for their families. We can help your employees comply with the new tax and social insurance situation and possibly more.
  • If your employees are informed of the consequences on tax and social insurance involved in an expat assignment, they are more motivated to agree to a delegation.
  • We advise you and your employees and give presentations.
  • As we are integrated in an international network of tax advisers we can support you in handling your obligations in various countries.
  • We are familiar with implementing tax guidelines and calculating "Tax Equalisation" and "Hypo Tax".
  • Our service includes advice on wage tax regulations, regarding the tax liability in different countries. Furthermore, we provide you with advice on double taxation agreements and further directives and apply for exemption certificates on your behalf.
  • We support you in dealing with all social insurance issues.
  • We prepare the income tax declarations for your employees and advise them in all related questions.