• In a first step we suggest a meeting to get a picture of your tax situation.
  • We then prepare a concept to optimize your tax matters.
  • Our integrated solution considers all related tax types.
  • If you wish we can also include aspects of your asset management. You personally define the extent of the tax concept.

Income tax declaration

  • We are highly experienced in preparing income tax declarations. As your problems may not be new to us we are able to prepare your declaration within a short time.
  • We can take care of time-consuming administrative work on your behalf. In order to prepare your declaration we have implemented the following procedure:
  • After a first consultation, either via phone or at our office, we will provide you with a checklist stating all the documents and information your are likely to need.
  • You may send us copies of the required documents either via e-mail or by post.
  • We will then proceed to prepare your tax declaration.
  • We will take care of all correspondence with the local tax office, check your tax assessment notice and file an appeal if necessary.
  • We can also provide you with an estimation of our fees in advance if required.


Tax Adviser Knut Riedel



Tax Adviser Knut Riedel
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Tax Adviser Knut Riedel
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